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This is where you will see my first post, once I learn to use the program.

I’ve had a look inside several WordPress books on Amazon and have decided there are two I would like to get.  Tonight I looked up McGills website (they are the biggest technical book store in Melbourne) and I was thrilled to see they currently have both the books I want in stock.  I did give some thought to buying them online immediately in case someone snapped them up before I can get into the city CBD tomorrow, but decided to take my chances.

By the way, I checked out Borders at Chadstone this afternoon, and they don’t have any WordPress books in stock at any of their stores here in Melbourne.  So I’ll be going into the city to McGills tomorrow morning.


  1. You are courageous (spell check where are you when I need you?) … great adventure.

    Are those nice pics yours or comes with the free blog s/w?

    Does the underscored date indicate today’s date or the dates where there is some blog text?

    Cheers, Orf to work today guy!

  2. Author


    Thanks for being first to comment. The pics came with that theme.

    That’s a good question about the underscored date in the calendar. As far as I can see, it shows where there are posts, but doesn’t do anything to highlight the current date.


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