Another new WordPress theme

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I was thrilled to get a comment today, which you can read, and my reply, in the comments section, or by clicking on comments below yesterday’s post.

I notice that WordPress has automatically begun a new page for my older posts, with a link at the bottom of this page.

I’m up and running now with designing my own WordPress themes in Artisteer, and have posted a new theme today.  I’ve got a totally different looking design ready to post on Saturday, for the weekend.

Digital radio started today in Australia.  The 7PM Report commented on it in their program this evening.  Charlie Pickering advised, with a straight face as I recall, that listeners with digital radios will be able to listen to broadcasts of Parliamentary proceedings and be able to choose between the Senate or Representatives houses.  I don’t expect that will cause a stampede of people rushing out to buy a digital radio.

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