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IMG_0160It’s strange how things sometime develop in a certain way without any planning.  But everything falls into place by chance.

For quite some time now I’ve been trying to find a new name for my blog page  without any success. I wanted to develop a different image from The Silver Fox, or The Chain Saw Man which have been my blog titles since I started the blog in July this year, but nothing seemed to appeal or work for me, or the potential name got millions of results in  Google, and mine would have been at the bottom.

But in the past two weeks, two unrelated things happened.

1. Ralph posted a comment on this site, which he intended to be helpful, as the image for my previous post to this one was missing.  He even did some research to tell me the HTML code that I should use, to point to the image location.  However, WordPress doesn’t work that way, so I tried to explain it to Ralph by sending him a URL link to WordPress that might show the way it works.  In doing so, I check out the link and what Ralph would find, to make sure it was useful, and that’s when I had a fresh look at commercial WordPress themes.  That’s when I came across RichWP and fell in love with the themes that Felix Krusch creates.

2.  I did a lot of Google searching about blog titles and found quite a few sites that offer useful advice on how to choose a name for your blog page.  it should be short, catchy, easy to remember, easy to spell, and hopefully unique.  It’s not easy to find a name that complies with that advice.  If you did a Google search for blog titles ideas, would you like to guess how many results you will get?  459,000,000 !  It’s a popular subject.

One the articles I read suggested that you name your blog after something you like.  There’s a lot of things I like, but by chance, last week I bought a bunch of tarragon from Woolworths Carnegie North supermarket.  I’ve always liked the perfume from dried tarragon in little herb jars.  This was the first time I’d seen the real herb in the flesh, so I bought the bunch and put it in a glass of water near my kitchen window.

I really loved the smell of the herb every time I was near my kitchen window, and so that, by chance, came to mind in the list of things I like.

I sent a list of possible blog titles to Felix while he was sorting out my new theme, as follows:

  • The Tarragon Tatler
  • The JTHonline Tatler
  • Tatler
  • The Post

He favoured The Tarragon Tatler from my list, but suggested I make it The Tarragon Times.

So I went with his suggestion, and adopted his theme.  I can’t go back on it now as Google has placed The Tarragon Times at the top (#1) of  444,000 results, and if you put the name in quotes, it is the one and only result.  How’s that for good SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


  1. Welcome to the blog-waves John with your new The Tarragon Times offering … very fresh and extremely simple to take in.

    I look forward to reading up on your new experiences and revelations.

    However, I am glad the web hasn’t perfected the end-user “smell” experience, as I am not too keen on strong garden or kitchen aromas – no matter how appealing they may be to others.

    Wow that is an impressive SEO effort … well done! I do find the “cached” link in google searches very fascinating, as they often give an older (out-of-date) version of the website concerned … as in this very case. But for me, the older website often has the information I might be seeking that has long since disappeared from the “current page”. I guess that might mean I spend time living in the past!?

    Well it’s back to work for me studying up on all the new “Modern Awards” and related regulations coming into effect in just over two short weeks.

    Good health to you, Ralph

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