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On Friday afternoon I decided to look for a new free WordPress theme to try out just for a change from my usual Thesis theme. Now and again I like to do this to show visitors that the way the page looks is not set in concrete. It’s how I like it. On Friday, I looked at dozens of themes, and even tried about eight of them, and the one I liked was the Aesthete Theme. So I published it. Ralph apparently liked it and made a comment (using my last post to do it). I’ve now gone back to the Thesis theme, which makes Ralph’s comment look a bit strange.  So I’ll show you a screen grab of what the page looked like that he commented on:

Aesthete Theme

It looked much better full size because of the header photo and the delicate scrolls that like a squiggle in the above photo.

I’m still trying to think up a new Blog Title and Tagline for this page. I’ve tried The Silver Fox speaks up, and currently it’s The Chain Saw Man speaks up – but I want a name that doesn’t bring millions of Google results.

The Silver Fox currently brings 22,100,000 results and The Chain Saw Man brings 94,100,000 results.

I’ve thought of “John’s Journal” but that brings 23,700 results.  Another one I’ve looked up is “JT’s Journal” – 4,900 results and one the top results is for guess who?  Justin Timberlake.

Back in the late 1960’s to mid 1970’s when I used to do real 35mm slideshows with music, they used to start with “John T Hill Himself Presents” .  Now that gets 0 (zero) results when searched for in quotes.  But I think it sounds pompous, and I want a Blog Title that doesn’t sound pompous.  In fact, I’m look for a name that reflects on the blog page itself, and not on me.

I’ve asked readers before if they can think of a title, but I’ve had no suggestions, which is perhaps a good thing, as some people might get upset if I don’t adopt their suggestion and they’ll forever think that what I do eventually adopt is not as good as what they suggested.

I am, of course, talking utter nonsense. After writing the above, I’ve just done a Google search for “The Chain Saw Man speaks up” in quotes, and it brings only 4 results – and they all relate to this blog page.

But how often do people do Google searches in quotes?


  1. Hi John,

    I google within quotes at least 5 times a day … but I gues that just makes me pedantic? … like you? Or are we simply focused!

    Hey what about “A place/blog of gadget filled cookery with musical condiments”? Wow, that gets 34,600 without quotes … or just … well I will let you guess how many with quotes!?

    Cheers, Ralph

    1. Author

      Hi Ralph,

      If “A place/blog of gadget filled cookery with musical condiments” is your suggestion for a new Bog title I thank you very much for making the effort to suggest a new title. You’re the only person who has. Your phrase actually gets a few hundred less results without the quotes.

      Thanks for the thought, but it’s a bit too wordy.

      But again I thank you as the only person who has made a suggestion.

      I’ve now come up with titles I might use, which produce zero, or near zero (under 5) results in Google searches.


  2. Wow. This theme looks very professional. Not sure about the title “The Tarragon Times”, though. Perhaps I should google it (with quotes).

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